Wavesfactory Cassette

Wavesfactory Cassette: classic cassette tape sound for your DAW 名仕亚洲官方网站网址

名仕亚洲老虎机娱乐官方网站 名仕亚洲老虎机娱乐官方网站 Cassette tapes are back, and Wavesfactory Cassette brings the classic sound to your DAW. With tons of adjustable parameters, is this the most ambitious compact cassette simulation yet?

ELK Audio OS goes Open Source in search of a product 名仕亚洲老虎机娱乐官方网站

名仕亚洲老虎机娱乐官方网站 名仕亚洲官方App Music Mind Labs has rebranded purely as ELK and they are now offering Elk Audio OS as an Open Source audio operating system and development kit for Raspberry Pi.
Behringer rave

UB-303: Is Behringer about to announce a TB-303 clone? 名仕亚洲官方App

名仕亚洲官方网站 名仕亚洲官方 Behringer is having an acid rave party this Friday and we're all invited. I think Behringer are about to launch or announce a TB-303 style acid synth.
pandaMidi Future Impact V3 synth pedal

pandaMidi Future Impact V3: A Deep(er) Impact bass synth pedal 名仕亚洲官方网站网址

名仕亚洲老虎机娱乐官方网站 名仕亚洲官方App Based on the Deep Impact synth pedal, the new pandaMidi Future Impact V3 pushes the design even further, adding bags of features to help you get some deep, deep bass synth tones.
Vermona meloDICER

Vermona meloDICER randomising sequencer demoed at Soundmit 名仕亚洲官方网站

名仕亚洲老虎机娱乐官方网站 名仕亚洲官方网站网址 meloDICER is a randomisation centred sequencer designed as a Eurorack module and the perfect companion to the randomRHYTHM. They had the final version at Soundmit and hope to release early next year.

MFB SYNTH PRO desktop analogue polysynth 名仕亚洲老虎机娱乐官方网站

名仕亚洲官方网站 名仕亚洲老虎机娱乐官方网站 SYNTH PRO is one solid looking, no-nonsense, ordered and structured synthesizer. It's got a nicely symmetrical layout, clear and spacious and ready to do some serious 8-voice polyphonic work.